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iight fools!!!

so the adelaide fringe festival is right around the corner that is…life.

for those unaware of the situation, quite simple.

so! me and a bunch of other funny dudes from darwin have got our own stand up show in adelaide on the 17th of feb til the 6th of march.

i was unaware for a while if i was going for sure, but thanks to my incredible aunt, she made it possible (thank you so much!!) by paying for flights.

so now im working on jokes like craaaaazzy, adding in new segments to old jokes, rewording and restructuring jokes, adding new segments in and experimenting with them, and working on a new style of delivery.

i realized that i haven’t watched stand up comics in a while so Ive been doing that too for inspiration.

although i know i will,ย  i think im most stressed about getting everything done in time. its a mix of nervousness and excitment.

so ill keep shizzle updated.






so, you are all overdue for an Adelaide update.

So for a while i was sure i wasn’t going to the fringe festival anymore, just cause i hadnt really heard much about it. so i didn’t save any money or right many jokes at all, assuming that it was all off. i went about everything as normal and hell, even took a holiday to the gold coast! i got back 2 days ago now and just as i seem to think things are winding down and ill be able to do my own thing for a while i get in contact with the manager of the trip explaining to him that i dont think i will be coming cause i think its off and etc. so at this point im like ‘yeah! i can chillax for a month or two!” *checks facebook messages* “FUCK!”

the manager mailed me back pretty much saying that there is no turning back, im locked in. DOUBLE FUCK. its not that i dont want to go, becasue this is a huge step in my comedy pursuits, its that i have NOTHING READY.

i have no jokes

i have shit all money

i have no flights booked

i have no plan

i have a headache!!!

now i begin the painful task of stressing. i have to come up with 388 bucks for flights, i have to write up a few jokes for a set, i have to save up for spending money to survive. it doesnt sound too hard but i have 4 weeks. my friend from brizzy is coming up in 2 days for a week and im hoping on winning lotto.

but! i know i will do it, cause im good like that ๐Ÿ˜›

i know everything will work out perfectly and ill have a sick time making people LOL.

so yeah, ill keep ya’ll updated, less than a month til it all starts.

Keep it Real.


Every now and then i start remembering small things that i did to people that must have effected them in a big way.

There is one thing i wont ever forget or forgive myself for, i still think about it and it makes me feel so upset.

When i was in school i had friend (who’s name ill keep hidden) that i used to always hang out with. this one time we were at the playground when i thought it would be funny to dack (pull down pants as a prank) this kid who was climbing up a small ladder. me and my friend thought it was hilarious, until this kid went to the office and told the principal who then paid me and my friend a visit along with the victim. the principal asked the victim who dacked him, the kid looked at me for a while, then at my friend. i remember feeling so scared, i would do anything not to go to the office.

The victim pointed to my friend and said ‘Him.’ i clearly remember feeling so relieved, i was off the hook. then our class proceeded to make coco pops cup cakes while my friend got into trouble for something he never did. i recall stuffing my face with chocolate and eating his portion of cupcakes. My friend walked back toward our classroom slowly looking like he had been crying. i didnt even feel sorry for him. i remember saying something like ‘sorry, i ate yours’.

I know this may seem like ‘hey levi, your a bitch. you were only a kid, that happens’ yeah it happens, but the thing with this particular friend was that for the rest of his life while i grew up with him, he was constantly bullied, and beaten by everyone around him. i have never felt so much regret for something in my whole life. i wont ever forgive myself for that, its because i feel like i was the one who started it all.


Once again i feel like im not getting anywhere with anything. That overwhelming feeling of despair always comes creeping back, not matter how good a situation may be.

there are things i have done that i wont ever regret, i have hurt people, not physically, but mentally. there are memories of sadness and grief that i will always have. the times i think about the past want to make me cry because everything i have now is so different to how it all was. but if i could take it all back i wouldn’t, of everything ive achieved in my life, the past year has been the biggest. but im always complaining to myself that i wish things were like old times. and if they were, i wouldnt be were i am now.

maybe thats why i get so angry and hateful at myself. because both scenarios have good and bad points.

i was facebook surfing the other day and noticed that about 3 or 4 people i did RAW comedy with this year in melbourne have moved on to waaaaaaaaaaay bigger things. Ronny Chieng (funny asain dude) is doing shows with Clair Hooper, been on tv and getting big gigs all over melbourne. Moataz Hamde (afro guy) has his own show in Adelaide and is ripping it up, and is a HUGE name in comedy down there. im incredibly happy for them both, they are absolutley hilarious and they deserve it.

but it made me think. where have i gotten? fucking no where. im still in darwin, doing nothing. i havent had a gig in over 2 months. i havent got a tv show, im not opening for Clair Hooper and im not a big name in comedy. ย it makes me so miserable. i try so hard with comedy, its all i want to do for the rest of my life, and it will be.

i had a taste of fame for 2 days and im craving it so badly. its all i ever think about. i want to make people laugh, i want to be noticed, i want people screaming my name and begging for autographs and photos. call it arrogant, but i know i can make it happen.

there is nothing arrogant about wanting to succeed.

i know this stage of feeling shit will pass, when there is nothing on my mind i think, long and deeply. and thats when i find myself in the deep end of the depression pool. good thing i can swim.














Yo yo yo.

havent blogged in a bit cause ive been caught up with Year 12, which i can now safely say is……………almost over. one more exam ๐Ÿ˜ฆ feels like forever. but! me being at home now with nothing to do has made me realise what i people used to tell me was true, “school years are the best of your life.”

well….not really. but i do understand what that means, we (well me at least) take school for granted. i, like others, hate it, but now its over… im frigin bored.

my regret with my school years is that i didnt get out enough during yr 10 and 11. AHHH WELL! TOO FUCKING BAD.


anyway with school pretty much out of the way, ive decided to start doing more. im going full time-ish at work next week, i wanna start mauy thai or mma and i feel like writing again.

going full time means more money and money is gooood. ill be able to save for adelaide (fuck i need jokes…) and a place to live eventually.

starting mauy thai kickboxing would be siick, it would be hard work and very physical but i wanna get fit and have good skillz in case i get randomly kickboxed on the streets ๐Ÿ˜›

and i feel like writing a really awesome story that has lots of twists and stuff. im so bored that i feel creative. if i end up finishing it (or even writing it) ill chuck a link up and give it a read.

oh yeah just started REALLY using internet banking, iTunes and all that stuff

โค the internet.

aaaaand im getting a haircut.






people seem to think that there is some sort of barrier or line you cannot cross on a blog, as i found out.

people also seem to think that by saying threatening and “scary” comments that i will be chased away from having this blog.

this is MY fucking blog.

and i will say whatever the fuck I want. i dont give a fuck what YOU think. because your opinion doesn’t fucking matter.

a few days ago, my blog was read by some people at my school. they read a post an thought that i was having a go at a person i also go to school with. what the people that read the post dont seem to understand, is that i was using that experience as an example and did NOT attack this person in anyway. if you think i did, please, copy and paste what i supposedly said somewhere i can read it.

then, hahha! then! i was threatened in all sorts. threatened to be punched and all that shit.

what people seem to do these days is take action via the internet and not have the guts to do anything in person.

its quite funny, because im still waiting for said punches.

talk about me when im not around, because i dont give a shit what people say.

thank you and goodnight.




Hate Me ๐Ÿ˜‰





RIGHT! SO! me and my friends are going ghost hunting this saturday night at her house.

lately she has been telling me about some preeeetty paranormal stuff, so i decided that it was worth looking into.

so she has been reporting:

– lights turning on and off

-fridge ice machine turning on

– her sisters bed rocking

-unexplained temp drops

– air con temperature alternating

– she wakes up in the middle of the night having wierd dreams

CHECK IT! she left her phone recorder on for about an hour while she slept. when we listened to it, no joke, you can hear this weird ambient noise. and toward the end you can hear whispering of what sounds like a man talking backwards. the further you listen into the recording the deeper the voice gets.

she came up with the idea that maybe the spirits is a young child, possibly a girl after she dreamt about it. she also thinks the child maybe a spirit from the 1975 Cyclone Tracy and because renovations have been happening in her house, she believes the spirits doesn’t like it. but its just a theory at the moment.

so, what do i plan on doing?

well, i have a pretty good camera, so ill set night vision up with it plugged into a power source and a computer to see if we get anything. and ill do an EVP (electromagnetic voice phenomenon) to see if we get any noise. ย An EVP is when you pretty much interview a ghost or spirit, you ask simple questions to see if you get a response. when you ask the questions you dont hear the ghost respond, its not until you play it back that answers can be heard.

so ill let everyone know what goes down and post a video or audio clip if we get anything.

Stay Golden!


hey everyone. just posting about jokes that are coming along quite nicely.

so i posted a few days ago about my “Creative Process“.

i can now say that i am up to the 4th step in my process, which is drafting ideas into my “Draft Book”. so far i have two topics going on.

– crazy customers that come into work

– annnd 3D PORN.

i think that these jokes and some lines i have thrown in are some of my most witty yet. then again i could be wrong, they may only be funny to me. and not other people. i think thats the hardest part about comedy (maybe i just haven’t learnt it yet), you dont know if something will work. you may think of something that doesn’t appeal to you, but might makes others laugh and vice versa.

ill put up some sample jokes when they are near completion and let me know what you reckon.

im aware this post is also says “Nose piercing”, cause i finally got one. looks pretty rad. ill chuck some pictures up when i get the chance.

Stay Funny!