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i remember the first day that mum mentioned moving to darwin. it was like she gave subtle hints toward leaving brisbane, before she finally said that she was moving and we could come if we wanted to live there or stay in brisbane with dad. at the time, i hated dad. he harassed us and interrogated us and mainly scared us. i didn’t want to know him. but at the time, i pretended it was all normal. i felt his sympathy at times and i still do. but i cant forgive and i certainly wont forget. as well as that i remember hating the subjects i chose for year 11 at school and thought it would be good to ditch brisbane and start over….without fully thinking it all through. it wasnt until the final few weeks of brisbane when i realised i would be leaving everything i knew behind. friends, school, general brizzy knowledge. i think that i was so swamped with “i will miss you” and “ill txt you every night” ‘ s that things like that didnt even cross my mind. i felt like it was a restart for me, and i thought that everyone would remember who i was.

but i was no one. what had i achieved at Rochedale high? nothing. i wasn’t known for anything spectacular. there are a select few that i keep in contact with.

ill admit, people have left me and ive said ill keep in touch but haven’t kept that promise myself. at least i know how it feels.

i recall the long drive up to Darwin, with every mile further a part of me slipped away. i could feel myself being lost in memories already. i had nothing. the feeling of loneliness crept up slowly. i can also recall times when i was the only one of us four kids awake listening to music in the early hours of the morning and sobbing to myself. what i was doing didnt feel right at all.

although brisbane memories too often come back,  i think that i made the right choice moving. i have good friends, ive achieved some pretty big things and im making money.

but i still know things wont be the same.

but maybe it was for the best?



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  1. Wow! I can relate in some of this! Good Post bro! The way I see things.. its only going to get beter for you here.

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