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why do people do things so blindly? not common sense wise like jumping out in front of a car or smacking your thumb with a hammer, no, that shit is just plain stupid. im talking about making kinda big decisions. like chasing after chicks for example. ive spent so much of my time growing up chasing girls and ending up sad when it doesn’t work, the only thing i really have to show is experience. i spose that isnt such a bad thing, but is it really worth nights when you cant sleep? when you cant think properly? i remember in 2009 around september/october-ish i was soooo caught up on this girl (let call her D) that i would spend so much of my time going out of my way just to hang around with her. things looked good, but my super close friend at the time urged me to turn back before i get in too deep and “get my heart broken”. i didnt listen and she ended up being right. D shattered everything i built. told me she didnt like me and cant do a relationship at the moment….

and then dated another guy the next week….

after this was over i saw who this girl truly was and i was shocked that i even took interest.

i think that we see something in front of us and we have to have it, no matter what it is.  and we will do whatever it takes to get it. which cannot always be bad, someone may want to be famous when they grow up and will climb any obstacle that they face. but, in my case, this moral was used quite incorrectly.

so all up, assess the bloody situation. jesus!



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  1. Things are ment to happen for reasson, very true though we never know what we really want in life. Period

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