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Yo Yo people!

just another update about the whole “Levi, what are you doing with your life?” thing. so it looks like for now that i have a fairly good outline of whats gonna happen.

SO! schools out for me(and thousands of other kids)…FOREVER in about 29 days or something. after this me and Jpizzle (JP)  will be heading down to brisbane in december to see…….wait for it………LINKIN PARK!! which happens to be my all time favourite band and my first love. but ill save that for another blog.

after Linkin Park, there is a possibility of visiting New Zealand for a month or so with Casey (<3)  which i think would be absolutely amazing and fantabulous to see something new other than Aus. BUT it conflicts with the next big event in my life which iss…

The Adelaide Fringe Festival. i will be performing Stand up comedy every night from the 17th til the 7th. i will need a spot to stay, food to buy and money to purchase said food. the money issue will be a problem. i need approx $800 to to live off of in Adelaide on top of flights and accommodation. so i may have to see NZ another time with Casey (<3).

hopefully at Fringe, ill get noticed or approached or something, because i dont really have anything planned after that. might just work for a while and save and save and save.

whatever happens, happens.

will keep you guys updated, jump on Twitter and hit follow




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