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yo yo. been researching some more paranormal activity 2 stuff and found some interesteing stuff.

i watched the first trailer again and found that there is a still at the end of the trailer that pops up really fast with the baby “Hunter” and his room. his reflection is in the mirror but he is nowhere to be seen. on the bottom of the mirror there is some writing, it cant be read normally, but if it is flipped upside down, it reads “What is happening to Hunter?” written in blood.

creepy huh?

also at the very end of the tralier there is a low demonic growl, if this growl is reversed, it says “Hunter”.

theres also the 8 viral videos that paramount have released. if these videos are assembled in the right order it shows a (what looks like a scene from the movie). it shows hunter in his room, then walking down the staircase…..backwards, then in the house for a bit, then he’s… SITTING IN THE BOTTOM OF THE POOL. while these videos are on there are flashes of Katie (from the first one) popping up everywhere. the movie looks waaay better than the first. incorporating a family and a frigin baby! into the mix.

so it looks like PA2 will be heavilly focused on hunter.

check out youtube for the viral clips and the trailers (make sure its the first one if you wanna check out the hidden things.)

Stay Scared!



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