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howdy frigin do everybody. (hi maxine)

just blogging about the upcoming Fringe Festival. i can proudly say that my creative process has begun!

The Process yo.

  1. think differently funny.
  2. begin writing random shit down
  3. wrote some more random shit
  4. put the ideas into my draft book and start writing them up
  5. try them out on my parents, mates, neighbors, shop attendants, mailmen/women, milkman, homeless, pets etc.
  6. re-draft.
  7. repeat step 5 with (hopefully) better results
  8. do it

the whole process is long, but go fast, if that makes sense. once im on a roll i dont stop. i keep writing and writing and writing until my hand drops off or im not funny anymore.

you know in video games how you have a health bar? and it can regenerate? i think that i have a funny bar and it just recharges whenever. its almost always full though 😛

i would normally start my process alot later, but since im performing for 30 NIGHTS, i think its good to be prepared to ensure maximum laughing factor.

so yeah ive got SOOO MANY! of possible topics.

  • ipods/ipads.
  • Darwin being shit
  • some old material

feel free to add suggestions!

oh yeah, and im getting my nose pierced tomorrow. badass.

stay cool yo.



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  1. What about my very funny dad Jokes

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