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hey everyone. just posting about jokes that are coming along quite nicely.

so i posted a few days ago about my “Creative Process“.

i can now say that i am up to the 4th step in my process, which is drafting ideas into my “Draft Book”. so far i have two topics going on.

– crazy customers that come into work

– annnd 3D PORN.

i think that these jokes and some lines i have thrown in are some of my most witty yet. then again i could be wrong, they may only be funny to me. and not other people. i think thats the hardest part about comedy (maybe i just haven’t learnt it yet), you dont know if something will work. you may think of something that doesn’t appeal to you, but might makes others laugh and vice versa.

ill put up some sample jokes when they are near completion and let me know what you reckon.

im aware this post is also says “Nose piercing”, cause i finally got one. looks pretty rad. ill chuck some pictures up when i get the chance.

Stay Funny!



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