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sup ya’ll. just writing about some upcoming movies that look pretty sick. Skyline and Area 51.


yes, that debris is humans.

skyline is prettymuch about an alien invasion around the world. HUGE ships start emerging from the skys and begin taking millions of humans. the trailers look wicked with amazing special effects (the same d00ds that did avatar, iron man2 and 300).  the acting and diaolougue which looks pretty budget. so far the plot i have read is about a group of people inside thier LA aprtment biulding waiting to be rescued and something about not looking up because the light the ships emit sucks humans up. the movie is set for release in November.

Area 51

a still image from the upcoming movie.

so the guy that did Paranormal Activity, Oren Perli, is shooting a movie about a group of teens that come across Area 51. it follows the same sort of structure as PA, the “found footage” genre. so far theres not much info about the film itself, but i have hope it will be good. its on a budget of 5 million bucks, considering that PA was only made with $11000 bucks, this is a fair step for Peri, hopefully he’ll pull it off.

so yeah, ill keep updating



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