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people seem to think that there is some sort of barrier or line you cannot cross on a blog, as i found out.

people also seem to think that by saying threatening and “scary” comments that i will be chased away from having this blog.

this is MY fucking blog.

and i will say whatever the fuck I want. i dont give a fuck what YOU think. because your opinion doesn’t fucking matter.

a few days ago, my blog was read by some people at my school. they read a post an thought that i was having a go at a person i also go to school with. what the people that read the post dont seem to understand, is that i was using that experience as an example and did NOT attack this person in anyway. if you think i did, please, copy and paste what i supposedly said somewhere i can read it.

then, hahha! then! i was threatened in all sorts. threatened to be punched and all that shit.

what people seem to do these days is take action via the internet and not have the guts to do anything in person.

its quite funny, because im still waiting for said punches.

talk about me when im not around, because i dont give a shit what people say.

thank you and goodnight.





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