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Yo yo yo.

havent blogged in a bit cause ive been caught up with Year 12, which i can now safely say is……………almost over. one more exam 😦 feels like forever. but! me being at home now with nothing to do has made me realise what i people used to tell me was true, “school years are the best of your life.”

well….not really. but i do understand what that means, we (well me at least) take school for granted. i, like others, hate it, but now its over… im frigin bored.

my regret with my school years is that i didnt get out enough during yr 10 and 11. AHHH WELL! TOO FUCKING BAD.


anyway with school pretty much out of the way, ive decided to start doing more. im going full time-ish at work next week, i wanna start mauy thai or mma and i feel like writing again.

going full time means more money and money is gooood. ill be able to save for adelaide (fuck i need jokes…) and a place to live eventually.

starting mauy thai kickboxing would be siick, it would be hard work and very physical but i wanna get fit and have good skillz in case i get randomly kickboxed on the streets 😛

and i feel like writing a really awesome story that has lots of twists and stuff. im so bored that i feel creative. if i end up finishing it (or even writing it) ill chuck a link up and give it a read.

oh yeah just started REALLY using internet banking, iTunes and all that stuff

❤ the internet.

aaaaand im getting a haircut.






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