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Every now and then i start remembering small things that i did to people that must have effected them in a big way.

There is one thing i wont ever forget or forgive myself for, i still think about it and it makes me feel so upset.

When i was in school i had friend (who’s name ill keep hidden) that i used to always hang out with. this one time we were at the playground when i thought it would be funny to dack (pull down pants as a prank) this kid who was climbing up a small ladder. me and my friend thought it was hilarious, until this kid went to the office and told the principal who then paid me and my friend a visit along with the victim. the principal asked the victim who dacked him, the kid looked at me for a while, then at my friend. i remember feeling so scared, i would do anything not to go to the office.

The victim pointed to my friend and said ‘Him.’ i clearly remember feeling so relieved, i was off the hook. then our class proceeded to make coco pops cup cakes while my friend got into trouble for something he never did. i recall stuffing my face with chocolate and eating his portion of cupcakes. My friend walked back toward our classroom slowly looking like he had been crying. i didnt even feel sorry for him. i remember saying something like ‘sorry, i ate yours’.

I know this may seem like ‘hey levi, your a bitch. you were only a kid, that happens’ yeah it happens, but the thing with this particular friend was that for the rest of his life while i grew up with him, he was constantly bullied, and beaten by everyone around him. i have never felt so much regret for something in my whole life. i wont ever forgive myself for that, its because i feel like i was the one who started it all.



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