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iight fools!!!

so the adelaide fringe festival is right around the corner that is…life.

for those unaware of the situation, quite simple.

so! me and a bunch of other funny dudes from darwin have got our own stand up show in adelaide on the 17th of feb til the 6th of march.

i was unaware for a while if i was going for sure, but thanks to my incredible aunt, she made it possible (thank you so much!!) by paying for flights.

so now im working on jokes like craaaaazzy, adding in new segments to old jokes, rewording and restructuring jokes, adding new segments in and experimenting with them, and working on a new style of delivery.

i realized that i haven’t watched stand up comics in a while so Ive been doing that too for inspiration.

although i know i will,  i think im most stressed about getting everything done in time. its a mix of nervousness and excitment.

so ill keep shizzle updated.





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