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sup ya’ll. just writing about some upcoming movies that look pretty sick. Skyline and Area 51.


yes, that debris is humans.

skyline is prettymuch about an alien invasion around the world. HUGE ships start emerging from the skys and begin taking millions of humans. the trailers look wicked with amazing special effects (the same d00ds that did avatar, iron man2 and 300).  the acting and diaolougue which looks pretty budget. so far the plot i have read is about a group of people inside thier LA aprtment biulding waiting to be rescued and something about not looking up because the light the ships emit sucks humans up. the movie is set for release in November.

Area 51

a still image from the upcoming movie.

so the guy that did Paranormal Activity, Oren Perli, is shooting a movie about a group of teens that come across Area 51. it follows the same sort of structure as PA, the “found footage” genre. so far theres not much info about the film itself, but i have hope it will be good. its on a budget of 5 million bucks, considering that PA was only made with $11000 bucks, this is a fair step for Peri, hopefully he’ll pull it off.

so yeah, ill keep updating



yo yo. been researching some more paranormal activity 2 stuff and found some interesteing stuff.

i watched the first trailer again and found that there is a still at the end of the trailer that pops up really fast with the baby “Hunter” and his room. his reflection is in the mirror but he is nowhere to be seen. on the bottom of the mirror there is some writing, it cant be read normally, but if it is flipped upside down, it reads “What is happening to Hunter?” written in blood.

creepy huh?

also at the very end of the tralier there is a low demonic growl, if this growl is reversed, it says “Hunter”.

theres also the 8 viral videos that paramount have released. if these videos are assembled in the right order it shows a (what looks like a scene from the movie). it shows hunter in his room, then walking down the staircase…..backwards, then in the house for a bit, then he’s… SITTING IN THE BOTTOM OF THE POOL. while these videos are on there are flashes of Katie (from the first one) popping up everywhere. the movie looks waaay better than the first. incorporating a family and a frigin baby! into the mix.

so it looks like PA2 will be heavilly focused on hunter.

check out youtube for the viral clips and the trailers (make sure its the first one if you wanna check out the hidden things.)

Stay Scared!




it can be viewed here

check it!

so pretty much, ive been watching the trailer over and watching the 8 viral videos and it looks like the new PA will be focused around the baby, “Hunter”. the family seen in the trailer is Katie’s (from the first one). in PA Katie mentions her family and something with the burnt photo, the same photo is seen in the trailer. my best guess right now, is that PA2 will be about Katie coming back to haunt her family as a demon.

October 21st. cant wait.


howdy frigin do everybody. (hi maxine)

just blogging about the upcoming Fringe Festival. i can proudly say that my creative process has begun!

The Process yo.

  1. think differently funny.
  2. begin writing random shit down
  3. wrote some more random shit
  4. put the ideas into my draft book and start writing them up
  5. try them out on my parents, mates, neighbors, shop attendants, mailmen/women, milkman, homeless, pets etc.
  6. re-draft.
  7. repeat step 5 with (hopefully) better results
  8. do it

the whole process is long, but go fast, if that makes sense. once im on a roll i dont stop. i keep writing and writing and writing until my hand drops off or im not funny anymore.

you know in video games how you have a health bar? and it can regenerate? i think that i have a funny bar and it just recharges whenever. its almost always full though 😛

i would normally start my process alot later, but since im performing for 30 NIGHTS, i think its good to be prepared to ensure maximum laughing factor.

so yeah ive got SOOO MANY! of possible topics.

  • ipods/ipads.
  • Darwin being shit
  • some old material

feel free to add suggestions!

oh yeah, and im getting my nose pierced tomorrow. badass.

stay cool yo.


Yo Yo people!

just another update about the whole “Levi, what are you doing with your life?” thing. so it looks like for now that i have a fairly good outline of whats gonna happen.

SO! schools out for me(and thousands of other kids)…FOREVER in about 29 days or something. after this me and Jpizzle (JP)  will be heading down to brisbane in december to see…….wait for it………LINKIN PARK!! which happens to be my all time favourite band and my first love. but ill save that for another blog.

after Linkin Park, there is a possibility of visiting New Zealand for a month or so with Casey (<3)  which i think would be absolutely amazing and fantabulous to see something new other than Aus. BUT it conflicts with the next big event in my life which iss…

The Adelaide Fringe Festival. i will be performing Stand up comedy every night from the 17th til the 7th. i will need a spot to stay, food to buy and money to purchase said food. the money issue will be a problem. i need approx $800 to to live off of in Adelaide on top of flights and accommodation. so i may have to see NZ another time with Casey (<3).

hopefully at Fringe, ill get noticed or approached or something, because i dont really have anything planned after that. might just work for a while and save and save and save.

whatever happens, happens.

will keep you guys updated, jump on Twitter and hit follow



yo yo people.

looks like ill be heading to Adelaide early 2011 to perform at the Adelaide Fringe Festival, tellin jokes n shit.

the Fringe is a chance for young people between 18- 30 to showcase talents in the Arts. its been running for ages. and every year shows international and Aussie comics.

ill be performing EVERY NIGHT between 17th february to 7th march….. thats a fair bit.

so! make sure youre following me on twitter or something so you can keep up to date with whats going down yo.

and possibly give me some money while you’re at it.

so yeah, thought id keep you updated on the whole “Levi where are you going in life?” thing.

Wish me Luck ya’ll


i remember the first day that mum mentioned moving to darwin. it was like she gave subtle hints toward leaving brisbane, before she finally said that she was moving and we could come if we wanted to live there or stay in brisbane with dad. at the time, i hated dad. he harassed us and interrogated us and mainly scared us. i didn’t want to know him. but at the time, i pretended it was all normal. i felt his sympathy at times and i still do. but i cant forgive and i certainly wont forget. as well as that i remember hating the subjects i chose for year 11 at school and thought it would be good to ditch brisbane and start over….without fully thinking it all through. it wasnt until the final few weeks of brisbane when i realised i would be leaving everything i knew behind. friends, school, general brizzy knowledge. i think that i was so swamped with “i will miss you” and “ill txt you every night” ‘ s that things like that didnt even cross my mind. i felt like it was a restart for me, and i thought that everyone would remember who i was.

but i was no one. what had i achieved at Rochedale high? nothing. i wasn’t known for anything spectacular. there are a select few that i keep in contact with.

ill admit, people have left me and ive said ill keep in touch but haven’t kept that promise myself. at least i know how it feels.

i recall the long drive up to Darwin, with every mile further a part of me slipped away. i could feel myself being lost in memories already. i had nothing. the feeling of loneliness crept up slowly. i can also recall times when i was the only one of us four kids awake listening to music in the early hours of the morning and sobbing to myself. what i was doing didnt feel right at all.

although brisbane memories too often come back,  i think that i made the right choice moving. i have good friends, ive achieved some pretty big things and im making money.

but i still know things wont be the same.

but maybe it was for the best?


there is something wrong with all of us. no one is perfect. everyone has skeletons in their closet and secrets, unless you’re like, christian xD sorry that was mean. but yes, no one is perfect.

the problem with me is that, i feel like nothing is ever really good enough for me. i will work so hard for something and get so far and once i have achieved it, it seems pointless because there is no where to go once i’ve completed my set goal.

for example: i won the Northern Territory heat for RAW comedy 2010 where i was immediately fast tracked to melbourne for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

the video can be seen here, im directly after Ronnie Cheng

once i had performed in melbourne and didnt win, i felt so empty. i told myself that i knew there was hardly any chance for me winning and i was there for the experience. but i still felt like i had achieved nothing, i came back to darwin completely empty handed.

its like as soon as im happy, i get sick of it and want to feel shit again.
its almost like i live off the feeling of being upset. its not that i like attention or being asked whats wrong, because i hate that. if im upset, i dont want to talk, i dont want you to understand, i just want to be alone.



why do people do things so blindly? not common sense wise like jumping out in front of a car or smacking your thumb with a hammer, no, that shit is just plain stupid. im talking about making kinda big decisions. like chasing after chicks for example. ive spent so much of my time growing up chasing girls and ending up sad when it doesn’t work, the only thing i really have to show is experience. i spose that isnt such a bad thing, but is it really worth nights when you cant sleep? when you cant think properly? i remember in 2009 around september/october-ish i was soooo caught up on this girl (let call her D) that i would spend so much of my time going out of my way just to hang around with her. things looked good, but my super close friend at the time urged me to turn back before i get in too deep and “get my heart broken”. i didnt listen and she ended up being right. D shattered everything i built. told me she didnt like me and cant do a relationship at the moment….

and then dated another guy the next week….

after this was over i saw who this girl truly was and i was shocked that i even took interest.

i think that we see something in front of us and we have to have it, no matter what it is.  and we will do whatever it takes to get it. which cannot always be bad, someone may want to be famous when they grow up and will climb any obstacle that they face. but, in my case, this moral was used quite incorrectly.

so all up, assess the bloody situation. jesus!