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so, you are all overdue for an Adelaide update.

So for a while i was sure i wasn’t going to the fringe festival anymore, just cause i hadnt really heard much about it. so i didn’t save any money or right many jokes at all, assuming that it was all off. i went about everything as normal and hell, even took a holiday to the gold coast! i got back 2 days ago now and just as i seem to think things are winding down and ill be able to do my own thing for a while i get in contact with the manager of the trip explaining to him that i dont think i will be coming cause i think its off and etc. so at this point im like ‘yeah! i can chillax for a month or two!” *checks facebook messages* “FUCK!”

the manager mailed me back pretty much saying that there is no turning back, im locked in. DOUBLE FUCK. its not that i dont want to go, becasue this is a huge step in my comedy pursuits, its that i have NOTHING READY.

i have no jokes

i have shit all money

i have no flights booked

i have no plan

i have a headache!!!

now i begin the painful task of stressing. i have to come up with 388 bucks for flights, i have to write up a few jokes for a set, i have to save up for spending money to survive. it doesnt sound too hard but i have 4 weeks. my friend from brizzy is coming up in 2 days for a week and im hoping on winning lotto.

but! i know i will do it, cause im good like that 😛

i know everything will work out perfectly and ill have a sick time making people LOL.

so yeah, ill keep ya’ll updated, less than a month til it all starts.

Keep it Real.