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RIGHT! SO! me and my friends are going ghost hunting this saturday night at her house.

lately she has been telling me about some preeeetty paranormal stuff, so i decided that it was worth looking into.

so she has been reporting:

– lights turning on and off

-fridge ice machine turning on

– her sisters bed rocking

-unexplained temp drops

– air con temperature alternating

– she wakes up in the middle of the night having wierd dreams

CHECK IT! she left her phone recorder on for about an hour while she slept. when we listened to it, no joke, you can hear this weird ambient noise. and toward the end you can hear whispering of what sounds like a man talking backwards. the further you listen into the recording the deeper the voice gets.

she came up with the idea that maybe the spirits is a young child, possibly a girl after she dreamt about it. she also thinks the child maybe a spirit from the 1975 Cyclone Tracy and because renovations have been happening in her house, she believes the spirits doesn’t like it. but its just a theory at the moment.

so, what do i plan on doing?

well, i have a pretty good camera, so ill set night vision up with it plugged into a power source and a computer to see if we get anything. and ill do an EVP (electromagnetic voice phenomenon) to see if we get any noise.  An EVP is when you pretty much interview a ghost or spirit, you ask simple questions to see if you get a response. when you ask the questions you dont hear the ghost respond, its not until you play it back that answers can be heard.

so ill let everyone know what goes down and post a video or audio clip if we get anything.

Stay Golden!